Innotech’s large selection of entry doors delivers outstanding thermal insulation, superior air, water and sound resistance and remarkable durability. Perfect for the weather conditions in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota.


Lift & Slide Doors

The Lift and Slide Door is engineered for extra large openings to offer unobstructed views, seamless indoor-outdoor living, and abundant natural light- all without compromising our signature ease of operation, security and performance.

Innotech offers two different lift and slide door systems: the Defender 70LS and the Defender 88LS. While both systems provide the same smooth operation, the Defender 70LS is recommended for smaller openings (less than 12′ wide) and the Defender 88LS is recommended for larger openings (up to 21′ wide). Lift and Slide Doors are available in 2, 3 or 4 panels in a variety of exterior and interior finishes.

The lift and slide door features advanced operating hardware. A simple turn of the large handle quietly disengages the secure locking mechanism and gently lifts the door. And the lightest of touches then activates our innovative sliding technology to effortlessly open the door.


The lift and slide door features a very low ADA-compliant sill that can easily be flush mounted into your floor for a continuous surface from the inside to the outside. The flush mount sill is an excellent choice for homes that need greater ease of accessibility for mobility devices, for high-traffic doors, or simply for homeowners who appreciate beautiful finishing details.

Entry Doors

Innotech’s custom designed entry doors create memorable first impressions. Without compromising on performance and safety. As single or double winged, with or without windows. In combination with solid or glass panels, and in your choice of size and colour. Ideal for your home’s front, side or back entries.

Terrace Swing Doors

We invite you to discover high-performance Terrace Swing Doors. Ideal for renovations and new construction. Combining superior energy performance, outstanding durabily, high security and elegant design. Available in a variety of sizes, colours and combinations. Select from single or double winged. Combined with top or side fixed or operable windows. Create stunning doors for your living space.

Hybrid Framing System

The Hybrid Framing System from Innotech features several integrated technologies that work together to create an advanced system: galvanized steel framing integrally reinforces unplasticized European PVC profiles in a form factor that integrates multipoint locking hardware.

Defender Hardware System

Entries, especially those located at the back of a home or garage, are a common entry point for thieves. Innotech Products feature the Defender Hardware System that includes multipoint locking hardware, steel reinforcement and welded frame and sash construction to defend your home from home intruders (and Mother Nature).

Key Performance Data

Not all Products on the market are engineered and manufactured to achieve superior performance rating. Innotech provides you not only with the industry leading security standard, but adds the best performance in class. So that you can rely on Innotech Products in any way. We invite you to take a look at NAFS and NFRC test results for Innotech Windows. Go to Innotech Performance Data