We offer a variety of customization possibilities and mounting Systems on all our Blinds, Shades and Panels in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota.

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  • blinds, pleated blinds, custom blinds, Manitoba, Saskatchewan. North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota
  • blinds, pleated blinds, custom blinds, Manitoba, Saskatchewan. North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota
  • blinds, pleated blinds, custom blinds, Manitoba, Saskatchewan. North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota

Pleated Blinds

Pleated Blinds as a modern blind and sun screen enables a combination of high level functionality and elegant style. The wide variety of techniques guarantees an ideal solution for (almost) each window geometry to achieve the desired ambiance.


During summer the closed Honeycomb will keep off the intensity of sunlight and protect you against high the heat effectively. Your living area will stay pleasantly cool.

In winter time the rooms will be warmed during the day by the sun. Towards evening the Honeycomb should be closed to prevent cooling down the room temperature. So the warm air will remain longer inside leading to a reduction of your heating costs.

Decorative and functional: save heating costs, stop the intensity of sunlight and mute the room acoustic.

Roller Blinds

The excellence lies in their flexibility. Offering an elegant and graceful solution for all types of tilt and turn windows, from large panoramas, to small windows, skylights and exterior doors as lift and slide doors, sliding doors, tilt and glide doors, french doors, patio doors.

Individual living and working spaces require fabrics with particular unique characteristics.  Particularly effective in preventing glare at work stations are fabrics with aluminum or mother of pearl coatings. A variety of fabrics, especially the inflammable Trevira CS materials, are available for use within business premises.

Dual Roller Blinds

The unique features of these blinds lie in their functionality and elegance, in modern living areas, in offices and in commercial premises. The visual protection and controlled light penetration can be adjusted separately just by changing the juxtapositions of the transparent and more densely woven louvres.


Panels are in the forefront of fashion with their simple elegance and endless creative possibilities. When used as room dividers, they influence the individuality of the surroundings, whether in living areas or commercial premises.

Vertical Blinds

Functionality and Design – whether for business premises or at home. Vertical units are made to measure for your tilt and turn windows and doors. The assembly and operating technology is simple, easy to clean, flexible and guarantees a gradual control of light. They are particularly suitable for dimming light from large panorama tilt and turn windows with picture windows or lift and slide doors.


Venetian Shades are multifaceted all round perfection. Timeless aesthetics meets modern design – a combination of colour and structure to suit every living space and room requirements. The various types of shades and the many different operating systems provide a rich variety of solutions for your tilt and turn windows and doors.